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Dr. Richard Hamlet has published a book called Memoirs from the Marketplace: 30 Homilies to Encourage Your Christian Witness. It is available on Amazon and ChristianBook. 

God is in the business of using ordinary Christians to be extraordinary Gospel Witnesses

Christ mandated that believers go forth and share the gospel to all the world. Many, however, struggle to obey the calling of the Great Commission.

“Too scared,” “Don’t know the right words,” “Afraid of offending someone,” are common reasons a believer remains silent when given the opportunity to share the good news of Jesus Christ.

Memoirs from the Marketplace is a collection of homilies (short messages) that will encourage and motivate readers to take the gospel to those who are “outside the church walls,” sharing the saving gospel of Jesus with those who may never enter the doors of a church or worship service.

Each of the thirty homilies focus on scripture that radiates the truths of the gospel and exhorts believers to be intentional in their daily witness for Christ.

About the Author

As a pastor-evangelist, in 2014 Dr. Richard Hamlet launched the Ministry in the Marketplace radio show, which is broadcast on stations across the US and streams worldwide. Before his work as a pastor-evangelist, Hamlet was a Wall Street–trained financial professional with decades of experience working in the Capital markets. He and his wife Ginger are co-founders of a faith-based ministry foundation that invests in “Business as Missions” platforms in real estate and Christian media. They reside in the metro Memphis area.