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Richard Hamlet
financier, business as missions radio show host, pastor

Dr. Richard Hamlet

Dr. Richard Hamlet is the Founder and President/CEO of Ministry Outreach Foundation, the founder of a business-as-missions ministry, Ministry in the Marketplace, and the pastor of East Acres Baptist Church in Millington, TN. He hosts a weekly radio program, A Voice in the Marketplace, and released his first book, Memoirs from the Marketplace, Vol. 1, in 2022. He is the Founder and CEO of the 105.5 FM, a Spanish Christian radio station in Memphis and online. He is also the Founder and CEO of Meridio Media, an audio/visual recording studio in Memphis. Lastly, he shares the gospel at evangelism festivals throughout the country year-round.


Dr. Hamlet wears many hats. He combines his professional training as a Wall Street financier and real estate investor with his desire to share the gospel with as many people as possible.

After decades of experience working in the Capital markets, God called Dr. Hamlet into the pastoral ministry in 1997. Since that time he and his wife, Ginger, have ministered in almost 100 countries around the globe.

Prior to COVID they preached the saving gospel of Christ internationally through different outreach platforms and trained local pastors in every city to continue the ministry to those who responded in faith. Additionally, in countries closed to the gospel, they used creative strategies to reach the lost with the gospel through non-traditional means. 

Dr. Hamlet also has a burning passion for people in the “marketplace” who need to hear the saving gospel of Jesus and 

the hope we can find in Christ. To that end he and his wife co-founded Ministry Outreach Foundation (MOF), which actively invests in business-as-missions platforms in real estate and Christian media. He also began hosting a weekly national radio program called Ministry in the Marketplace to encourage Christians to view their daily work as their primary mission fields.

Today Dr. Hamlet continues to run the foundation and, although the radio show ended in 2022, that ministry continues through radio and digital avenues under the same name. In 2022, Dr. Hamlet added pastoring a church to his plate, and in 2023 he began a new radio program called A Voice in the Marketplace, featuring sermons from his church pulpit. He also opened Meridio Media, a recording studio. He is thankful for God’s grace that sustains him in all these endeavors.

For more information listen to the interviews below as Richard shares about his professional career as a Wall Street financier, his calling to ministry, his heart for the nations, the motivation behind his business-as-missions ministry, pastoring, and much more! 

The Hamlets

Dr. Hamlet’s education and experience are vast and varied. From professional designations to academic degrees, he is uniquely equipped to use wise business practices to advance the Kingdom of Christ.


Tim Gray


  • Member of the CFA Institute, a Wall Street affinity investment professional association
  • Former President of the Conference of Southern Baptist Evangelists (COSBE)
  • Former President of the Fellowship of Baptist World Ministries under MOF membership
  • Former President of the Fellowship of Tennessee Baptist Evangelists


  • Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from Rhodes College in Memphis, TN
  • Certified Public Accountant, State of Tennessee (inactive)
  • Formally certified by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc.
  • Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) (active)
  • Experience as an investment professional for fifteen years


  • Ordained Baptist minister (1997)
  • Master of Divinity from Luther Rice Seminary in Atlanta, GA
  • Doctor of Ministry from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Kansas City, MO
  • Served as pastor in multiple churches in TN, MS, and GA
  • Hosted nationwide weekly radio program, Ministry in the Marketplace, for 8 years
  • Currently serves as pastor in Millington, TN
  • Has new weekly radio program, A Voice in the Marketplace, on AM 640 and FM 100.7 on Saturdays at 8 AM.
2004 – Present

Ministry Outreach Foundation


Faith-based non-profit that invests in “business as missions” opportunities.

2014 – present

Ministry in the Marketplace


Business-as-missions ministry encouraging Christians to view their daily lives as their primary mission fields with marketplace ministry resources from Dr. Richard Hamlet.

105.5 logo
2018 – Present

105.5 FM


Spanish Christian radio station in Memphis, TN, and online.

2022 – present

East Acres Baptist Church


Southern Baptist church in Millington, TN.

2023 – Present

Meridio Media


Audio/visual recording and production studio in Memphis, TN.


Dr. Hamlet released his first book, Memoirs from the Marketplace, Vol. 1, in the summer of 2022.


Available in ebook and softcover formats on Amazon and at, Memoirs from the Marketplace is a collection of homilies (short messages) that will encourage and motivate readers to take the gospel to those who are “outside the church walls,” sharing the saving gospel of Jesus with those who may never enter the doors of a church or worship service.

Learn more about the book and read the first chapter for free by clicking the button below.


Latest live church sermons, Ministry in the Marketplace resources, bilingual sermon videos, and news articles

East Acres Baptist Church Sermons

30-40 minutes

Full Sermons

video sermons

Dr. Hamlet’s weekly sermons preached at East Acres Baptist Church in Millington, TN.

1 minute

Sermon Soundbites

highlight reels

Short reels from Dr. Hamlet’s weekly sermons highlighting biblical truth.

Ministry in the Marketplace


A Voice in the Marketplace

radio program

Dr. Hamlet’s new weekly radio program featuring sermons from East Acres Baptist Church


Marketplace Soundbites

2 minute video highlights

Artistically arranged 2 minute clips from Dr. Hamlet’s sermons from East Acres Baptist Church


Ministry in the Marketplace

radio program

Dr. Hamlet’s former weekly radio program featuring homilies and interviews with guests impacting their marketplaces.


Marketplace Messages

Bilingual Video Sermons

30-60 minute English sermons by Dr. Hamlet with real-time Spanish translation


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