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MEMPHIS, Tennessee–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Global Ministries Foundation (GMF), a multi-generational ministry and affordable housing organization providing education and wellness services around the world, announced today the launch of The GMF Annual Scholarship Grant Program.  The grant program has been formed to provide 12 students from Shelby County with $5,000 of tuition support to attend an accredited community college or technical school. Tuition grants will be awarded annually based on an essay selection process to be launched on May 15, 2020. Information about The GMF Annual Scholarship Grant Program can be found on our website at

“While Shelby County students try to figure out how to afford next Fall’s higher education tuition, GMF is proud to announce the launch of its scholarship grant program,” said Dr. Richard Hamlet, Founder & CEO, GMF.

The GMF Annual Scholarship Grant Program is an extension of the services GMF provides to our workforce housing communities and communities where GMF has educational programming at schools around the world. “GMF hopes to extend the scholarship program to other regions around the country in the coming years,” continued Dr. Hamlet.

Workforce Housing Program

Over the past two years, GMF has sold the majority of the HUD Section 8 properties it owned, each of which was financed by bonds rated by S&P. S&P has upgraded each of these bond issues to AA+ following the sale of the properties and the defeasance of the underlying bonds. The remaining Section 8 units still owned by GMF are under contract to be sold to the same buyer, all of which are scheduled to close soon.

GMF formed its own management company in January 2019 to replace a previous third-party management company whose performance was not meeting GMF standards for operations at our workforce properties. GMF is proud to announce that PAC Housing Group is led by Chasity Blackburn, Managing Director, who has a strong background in property management and team leadership.

“With plans to grow its workforce housing program, GMF brings a long history of providing workforce housing and community services in multiple states and sees a need and an opportunity to help support working family members as they seek to continue their education,” said Dr. Hamlet.

As high school seniors begin to finalize their plans for continuing their education in the fall and how they will pay for their programs, GMF believes The GMF Annual Scholarship Grant Program will help some very well-deserving students. GMF and its supporters remain steadfast in our commitment to workforce housing and family services for those living in our communities.

About GMF

Global Ministries Foundation is an independent Faith-Based organization, founded by Dr. Richard Hamlet in 2003. GMF exists to connect the blessed with the “broken” and to connect those who have more than they need with those who need more than they have. GMF works to bring together and strengthen the efforts of individuals, businesses, and churches to reach the unreached world with the Gospel and to minister to those in need through the effective use of all of the combined resources. Today, GMF sponsors over 40 gospel-centered evangelism, church planting, and discipleship ministries in over 30 different countries on this terrestrial ball.